Project Finance

Project Finance

Feasibility Studies

Start-up business ventures recognize the importance of a well written feasibility study report in articulating a viable business case and raising venture capital.

Our combination of accurate business assessment, technical expertise and advanced strategic analysis skills provide Wizer’s clients with excellent capabilities for feasibility studies.

Financial Modelling

Assessing the financial viability of a project often requires detailed analysis of operational and financial indicators associated with the project.

At Wizer, we work closely with clients in developing financial models which present a platform for rigorous testing of project assumptions (e.g. project cost, interest rate, etc) and the resultant outputs (e.g. financial statements, Net Present Value, Internal Rate of Returns, etc) in line with the goals of the project.

Our models are constructed in line with best practices in spreadsheet modelling standards and show optimal adaptability, consistency in layout, organization and accuracy.

Fund Raising Assistance

We guide clients through the process of raising finance for projects to ensure transparency and accountability.

Other value added services includes; development of detailed proposals; making presentation to investors; revising the project’s financial model to assess for the impact of investor’s financing terms and review of proposal/Term Sheet from investors.


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